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Sabu is a Short Term employment service that easily connects companies to an accessible relief worker in their region. Sabu seeks to empower the people while giving a sense of peace to companies knowing that they can get qualified persons quickly. Sabu strives to simplify the process of Recruitment and Job hunting by combining state of the art technological improvement to a highly experienced Human Resource background.

Finding jobs has never been easier

Work WHEN you want, WHERE you want.

Subs are people looking to work on their own time for extra income.

Why become a Sub?

  • Subbing via SABU will help you to become more financially independent.

  • SABU gives you the power to “dictate” your earnings by not only depending on your 9-5 but also gives the option to generate additional income.

  • SABU gives you the power to choose who to work for, when you work, how long you work and most importantly how much you work for.

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    Staff Replacement has never been easier.

    Short Term / Part Time Instant Help.

    Clubs are establishments or an individual looking for instant short term help.

    Why use SABU?

  • SABU gives you the peace of mind knowing that if an employee suddenly quits or if you are a 'man down' for the day, that you can easily access capable, temporary workers to fill in.

  • SABU reduces the time taken to go through resumes, interviews and selecting a candidate by providing you with qualified available relief workers that have been verified by our team.

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